Iron Raven

Iron Raven is a first person shooter built using the Unreal Development Kit. In this exciting sci-fi shooter you and your friends take on the role of a special ops team known as Iron Raven and you’re working to prevent an all-out war between earth and her colonies. With tensions riding high in trade and politics, and rampant pirate raids you have your work cut out for you. Rumor has it General Vankolv lead of the alliance of colonies, is raising a secret army and plans to fight for total control of both earth and space. Does Iron Raven have what it takes to keep the peace ?

Iron Raven is a sci-fi fps about a six man team of spec op soldiers with the task of peace keeping between Earth and the colonies in space. Each soldier have their own unique traits. Jett is the leader of the team and will get the job done no matter what it costs. Raya is second in command and works by the book to finish the job. Ion is the quiet sniper of the team and Jett’s trusted friend. Baker is the heavy weapon specialist and a tank of a man. Tray is the tech head in charge of infiltration and the guy that no one feels safe to turn their backs on. Spooks is the fumbling close range points-man that just barely seems to get the job done.

After Iron Raven was sent to investigate the recent attacks of pirates on the shipping companies, they discovered a conspiracy that will spark a war between the Earth and the colonies. Take on the role of Iron Raven to prevent the upcoming war.