Emanuel Castillejo

Marketing Joined 2011 Inactive

Emanuel Castillejo joined Faction Productions during his junior year at Palmdale High School; where he was taking Adobe Dreamweaver classes. He was recruited in late September as an Adobe media specialist. Emanuel also worked with the FalconTech information technology program as a photographer for their events. After a summer of training with Faction Productions, Emanuel learned to build levels in UDK and became the level designer for their UDK projects. Emanuel graduated from Palmdale High and began various research assignments to speed up production of assets. After High School Emanuel attended Antelope Valley Community College and continued his work with the Faction Team as a part of the Content Team.

Donte Fuller

Artist Joined 2008

Donte Fuller is one of the founding members of Faction Productions. The group arose in late 2008 with the goal to create Machinimas and other video game related content. Donte began his art interest in gaming while working on FalconTech’s Bloodline which received praise from California Senator George Runner. Following Bloodline Donte has contributed his art talent to many projects. In 2011 he began working on the Iron Raven project, during this time he switched his major from computer science to animation. He is interests in creating video game content ranges from characters to environments and props. Donte Fuller has received a Bachelors in Arts with an emphasis on animation from California State University Northridge. Working on projects in Faction Productions gives him an opportunity to create work within a group environment.

Ian Graham

Programmer Joined 2014 Inactive

Faction Game Server Manager

Ian Graham was recruited from the California State University Northridge College of Engineering and Computer Science.  He spent his senior year working on the Inventory and multiplayer systems for Faction Production’s Iron Raven built on UDK. He later contributed to the Faction: Game Server Manager that is currently on a development Hiatus.

Brian Marroquin

Programmer Joined 2015 Inactive

Brian Marrorquin is another CSUN grad that has plans to join Faction Productions for the later stages of Red Thunder once some time opens up and the dev team has cleared some production hurdles.

Carlos Henriquez

Programmer Joined 2014 Inactive

Carlos Henriquez caught the tail end of Iron Raven and made great progress on the game’s NPC system

Manny Castaneda

Associate Programmer Joined 2011 Inactive

Manuel Castaneda started with Faction productions in 2012. In high school Manuel was part of FalconTech’s Educational Game “Giggles” where he worked as a “programmer” working with simple scripts. The game’s goal was to aid kids in learning the alphabet through puzzles and challenges. Being involved in the game sparked an interest in actual programming. This is where he met the founder of Faction Productions. The second year in FalconTech was a mess and nothing was accomplished. Manuel would jump at an opportunity to work on projects with a dedicated team he could further his programming skill with.  Manuel moved on to continue his education in California state University Northridge, majoring in computer science. That is where he crossed paths with the founder of Faction Productions again and joined the Faction Team.

Tyler Harl

Artist Joined 2011 Active

Red Thunder

Tyler Harl started working for Freedom Faction Productions in 2011 and has worked as a 3d modeler and texture artist. Tyler currently works as Art director at Freedom Faction Productions. Tyler Harl was picked up from Palmdale High School’s Falcontech program. Tyler has worked on the Little Green Project that won the national skills USA competition in the sustainability catalog. Currently Tyler is going to Cal State University Northridge majoring in Art with an emphasis on 3d modeling. He is part of the Animated Student League of Northridge to better his techniques and gain a ground in the video game or animation studios.

Matthew Blancher

Producer, Programmer Joined 2009 Active

Faction Game Server Manager , Red Thunder

Matthew Blancher founded Faction Productions in late 2008 bringing together a group of friends to make machinimas and game highlight reels.

In High school Matt spent countless hours in the computer lab where he helped establish FalconTech, Palmdale High School’s information technology academy. He spent his senior year split between Interning at local hospitals through PHS’s prestigious Health Careers Academy and Producer of FalconTech’s first game, Bloodline. As if that weren’t enough he was voted Captain of the High School’s E-Sports team in a league supported by Fatal1ty and the Championship Gaming Series.

After High School Matt continued his education at California State University Northridge where he continued to running projects and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science . During freshman year at CSUN the Faction began Pre-production on a Pirate Themed RTS which ran from Dec 2010 to early 2011. In 2011 he recruited many new members and began training them for a full scale production which would later be Iron Raven. After changing his major from Radiology to Computer science he went on to recruit fellow programmers. While acting as the SCRUM Master for his senior design team Matt branched out into software and tool development.

In early 2015 Matt and Ian broke ground on Faction’s first non-game software, a server manager for Minecraft and similar games.